Being established in the year 2008, when binary options trading was actually new to the market, the company came into forefront in the year 2009.

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Since then the company has been offering a safe platform for the traders to earn considerable amounts of profit from binary options trading. In today’s present market scenario, Beeoptions offers one of the simplest platforms for binary trading.

The company boasts an intuitive and reputed platform that has been able to pay its traders. This provides an assurance of a complete trading experience.

Beeoptions Features

Being simple in its operation, the Beeoptions trading platform does not require any prior knowledge of binary trading. The ease of operations for Beeoptions trading is due to the fact that, it provides its traders a four type layout format.

In simple terms, this enables traders to access his/her account from anywhere in the world and as the binary options are fully web-based operations, the trader will be able to access the account in any place where internet connection is available.

Apart from being simple in use, the Beeoptions trading platform provides trading tools like the “rollover” and “Double tap”. The roll over is a really effective way of risk management and double tap enables the trader to enhance the amount of returns if used correctly.

Beeoptions Withdrawal Issues

Though the company has been able to provide a lot of features for their traders, yet there are certain drawbacks that let down the traders when it comes to Beeoptions withdrawal and builder tools. The Beeoptions trader has been struggling to utilize the proper option builder tools.

It has been described by many traders that the option builder tools are broken. This is due to the fact that the assets can be selected while trading but during the expiry time, there is always a confusion regarding the input period. Regardless of any input time, a message arrives at the screen depicting an “Invalid expiry time”.

The message also says that an invalid profit/risk combination has been entered by the trader. But the problem is that, it should not be the operation because before coming into the section of profit/loss amount, it is not possible that the builder tool will portray the message of invalid risk/profit.

This clearly proves that this binary trading platform is not able to utilize the tools properly that are available on SpotOption.

Beeoptions Withdrawal Problems

The minimum withdrawal that can be done by the traders by credit cards is 20 USD/EUR/GBP and for the wire transfer it is 100 USD/EUR/GBP.

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This may seem to be low in comparison to the other brokers but the major problem that lies with the Beeoptions withdrawal process is that it takes upto 14 days for the completion of the overall withdrawal process and the company will not allow any withdrawal if the bonus requirements are not cleared previously.

This is one of the major drawbacks of the Beeoptions withdrawal as the document verification process almost takes upto 7 days which becomes a cause of irritation for the traders.

The Beeoptions withdrawal process takes the longest period of time in comparison to any other trading platform while transferring the withdrawal amount to the account of the traders. The slow withdrawal process has led to immense complaints towards Beeoptions withdrawal.

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Another major issue of the Beeoptions withdrawal process is that, there will be no allowance for withdrawals if the previous bonus requirements are not cleared. A lot of traders have objected to this Beeoptions withdrawal policy as in case of emergencies they have not been allowed to withdraw any amount of money.

Conclusion: BeeOptions Withdrawal Policy is NOT Satisfactory

After making detailed research and trying out the withdrawal policy of BeeOptions, our team concluded that BeeOptions has a slow and complicated withdrawal process. Our research shows that there are other brokers with a much more satisfactory withdrawal policy. Currently the broker with the fastest withdrawal approvals is BinaryMate – 2 working days on average.