Google Trader is not so well-known binary options software. Since they started operating on the binary market they have not shown many signs to be different from other binary trading systems. Can Google Trader be Trusted or is it a Scam?

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To conduct a comprehensive investigation of Google Trader our Scam Inspection team tried to find out if the robot is genuine. As a result we can say that there is little evidence indicating that Google Trader is reliable, which is why many people don’t trust it. You can see the report of Google Trends in the graph below showing their low score.

Before signing up with GoogleTrader we advise you to give it a second thought, as there are better brokers with higher score and reliability. We recommend you to Proceed to Safety  OR choose one of BinaryOptionWithdrawal approved and safe Binary Brokers:

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What is Google Trader System?

Ben Williams supposedly began work on the Google Trader Software while he was still employed at the eponymous company. He claims that the binary options robot can achieve a minimum estimated success rate of 96.47% to novices and even reach as high as 100% to sophisticated ones.

The said percentage is not a genuine and realistic one as there is no automated trading solution which has the capacity to predict the future market and asset movements with such a high accuracy. As most users already know, finance always features some form of speculation and such a thing is nearly impossible.

GoogleTrader System also operates with quite the small amount of binary options brokers and almost none of them are officially monitored or regulated by an approved organization. Which makes investing with the auto-pilot software highly dicey. Our investigation into this particular online investment robot managed to establish that it has some rather dubious features which are not proven to actually work. We advise everyone to regard it as a possible scam.

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How Does GoogleTrader Software Actually Operate?

One of Ben Williams’ issued statements mentions that the binary options software applies top notch trading technology, which is based on the way that most of the big search engines work. Our in-depth investigation into this claim established that it is not even near the truth.

The automated investment robot is basic Algo-trading one and its programming codes do not differ much from those of the average trading system. It does, for a fact, places fewer financial operations than most.

To be even more precise, it suggests 59.3% fewer trades than the average profit-amplifying solution. Ben Williams goes on go explain that this is because it sends alerts only when absolutely certain that the outcome of the investment is going to be positive. One should keep in mind that there is no data suggesting that this is so. It would be best for users to consider opening an account with one of the proven to work binary automated systems like FinTech Limited which will provide them with at least a number of different means, suitable both for beginners and newcomers, in which to increase their Internet earnings.

Interesting Fact:

In order for a binary options software to be able to issue accurate market forecasts, its algorithm has to take into account the previous history of the particular asset, how it is doing compared with others and whether there has been a certain political or economic event which can trigger sudden reactions.

Is Google Trader Software a Scam or Legit?

Google Trader System appeared on the Internet as an up-and-promising piece of automated software but did not manage to live up to the standards and expectations its creator Ben Williams and the team behind it had set. All reliable facts underline the fact that this binary options robot does not manage to deliver solid daily trading results. The odds are that it might even be dubious and a scam as it does not meet the SSL-required criteria, nor does it work with reputable binary options. Testimonials found on the official website have been composed primarily out of stock images and fake photos.

Ben Williams is also not a real person as we were unable to come across any hefty or significant proof that he is a real person. Our best advice to the online investor would be to read some system reviews and sign up with one of the income-generating solutions recommended in them.

Final Thoughts

Google Trader by Ben Williams turned out to be a big disappointment for investors who had placed considerable monetary sums with it. Our team also did not manage to establish many positive things about the binary options system. Chances are that it is a scam. It is best to opt for a truly legit and reliable profit-amplifying system.


warningOur team of experts made a detail research and tested the features of Google Trader. The results were not satisfactory and based on them we can conclude that there are much better binary options robots to choose from.

We cannot guarantee whether Google Trader is a scam robot or not, but we found a lot of complaints about the performance and the achieved profits with this robot. That made us doubt the safety of Google Trader.

In any case, we recommend trading with caution as this carries high level of risk.

In order to avoid scams and to ensure your own security you can Proceed to Safety OR choose another approved automated binary options system.

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