NEO 2 Software is not so well-known binary options software. Since they started operating on the binary market they have not shown many signs to be different from other binary trading systems. Can NEO 2 Software be Trusted or is it a Scam?

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To conduct a comprehensive investigation of NEO 2 Software our Scam Inspection team tried to find out if the robot is genuine. As a result we can say that there is little evidence indicating that NEO 2 Software is reliable, which is why many people don’t trust it. You can see the report of Google Trends in the graph below showing their low score.

Before signing up with NEO 2 Software we advise you to give it a second thought, as there are better brokers with higher score and reliability. We recommend you to Proceed to Safety  OR choose one of BinaryOptionWithdrawal approved and safe Binary Brokers:

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Recently, we have seen a number of binary options auto trading robots getting launched in the market. Some of them are simply rehashed versions of scam applications that were blacklisted some time ago. Among the list of auto traders that we came across lately, one that we found interesting was Neo 2 software. It is also known as Neo Squared.

This software can allegedly turn a $250 investment into a $4000 profit within just one week. According to Dr. Jack Piers who appears to be the self-proclaimed CEO of Neo2, the software can take into consideration the effects of weather on commodities and translate it into trading signals. On the surface, the idea looks very impressive and as a matter of fact, the price of commodities such as gas and oil are affected to a great extent by the changes in weather.

But, as we dug deeper, we came across some shocking revelations about Neo2. The truth about the software is that it is not reliable. This system is similar to those which can make traders’ investments disappear.

What is Neo2 Software?

The Neo2 software is a new automated trading robot. It works by calculating the effect of weather forecast on the price of commodities. The creators of the software claim that they wanted to develop a system which could produce accurate trading service. The people behind its creation include Dr, Jack Piers, William Van Loon and Amit Gupta.

From the information that we found on their website, the team got together so they could give traders a web based solution to trading binary options. Regardless of the level of skills and experience one has, the auto trader is suitable for everyone. Moreover, it claims to have 85% accuracy which means that out of every 100 traders executed, you can expect to win 85 of them.

But, our inquiry reveals that the software is not at all accurate. It is incorrect to say that it is one of the top auto traders that the industry has seen in recent times. The claims made by the creators are unreasonable because earning $4000 in profits every week with an investment of just $250 is ridiculous. Even the most successful auto traders cannot guarantee winnings of this sort.

Interesting Fact:

The concept on which Neo2 software is based on is actually very good. Weather certainly has an impact on the price of gas, oil and other commodities. Prices of commodities can be influenced by environmental factors.

How Does Neo2 Software Work?

We have found information on what it does, but we are not told how it does it. The possibility of creating an algorithm that generates signals by taking into account weather changes is pretty low. If the software is capable of doing so, then why isn’t there information on how it works. This is something that traders really need to think about.

What we feel after conduction an investigation is that Neo2 is a random number generating software. It doesn’t work on algorithms or codes, but it generates signals randomly. This is the reason no one has been able to find success with this auto trading robot.

However, we will be keeping an eye on this software and the results that it publishes. At the moment it doesn’t have a proven track record of attaining 85% accuracy and we don’t think it will ever be able to do so. We really wish the promotional video contained more useful information rather than giving false hopes and fake promises.

Neo2 Software: Scam or Legit?

There are plenty of elements that indicates that Neo2 might turn out to be a dangerous scam. First of all, the so-called creators are fake. There are no social media profiles under their names and there isn’t any information about them on the world wide web.

The website of Neo2 software looks professional on the surface, but if you take a closer look, you will see that there are many questions that have not been answered. The sales video doesn’t give any valuable information. In fact, it just wastes your time. At the end of the day, you are guaranteed to get nothing out of it.

The special features of the robot have not been discussed. The website is packed with fake testimonials and reviews.

When we looked at their FAQ section, we really hoped to find more details about the software, its working mechanism and what it can actually do for traders. But when we clicked on the link, we were taken back to the home page. So basically, even the FAQ section is empty and is just there to fool traders.

This automated trading robot also has shady connections. You know how risky it is to trade with unreliable broker and Neo2 software puts its clients into contact with brokers who have poor reputation in the industry. There are more than enough negative points about Neo2 on the basis of which we can label them as scam.


  • Fully automated


  • Internet connection is required for it work
  • Doesn’t work as claimed
  • Fake promises
  • Assigns shady brokers
  • Lacks special features
  • Negative trader reviews

Final Words

Our final thoughts about Neo2 is that it is one of those software systems that you must stay away from. The creators are only looking to entice traders to believe that their software is credible. But there is no guarantee that it will work.

We have found many questionable factors that indicate that it is a sheer scam. We cannot recommend it to anyone. Traders who are looking for a safe and secure trading experience must look for a more reliable alternative because with this software, traders will only lose their invested funds.


warningOur team of experts made a detail research and tested the features of NEO2. The results were not satisfactory and based on them we can conclude that there are much better binary options robots to choose from.

We cannot guarantee whether NEO2 is a scam robot or not, but we found a lot of complaints about the performance and the achieved profits with this robot. That made us doubt the safety of NEO2.

In any case, we recommend trading with caution as this carries high level of risk.

In order to avoid scams and to ensure your own security you can Proceed to Safety OR choose another approved automated binary options system.

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