The Brit Method Review

The Brit Method is the creation of Jason Taylor. It is an automated trading system that was launched to the public some time ago.

The software promises very high returns, but when we performed a search, we did not find any evidence of it being efficient or reliable.

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It is quite clear that the promises they have been making all this while is unrealistic. Our in-depth review of the Brit Method contains all the information traders would need to determine its legitimacy. Here’s what the Brit Method is all about.

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An Overview

New trading systems are being launched on the market every now and then. Some of them are really good and offer good returns. But the others are horrible and instead of generating returns, they take away their user’s investment capital. In other words, most of these creations operate in an unethical manner and the same can be said about the Brit Method.
When you land on their website, you will see a video playing in which Jason Taylor introduces himself. He claims that he wasn’t highly educated, but he managed to create this trading system with the help of software developers and mathematicians.

His words may look convincing, but the truth is that he is using a manipulative method that will only benefit the people operating behind this software.

He claims that the software is algorithmic and performs trades after carrying out a thorough analysis of the markets. If his words are to be believed, even those who have no knowledge of financial trading can use the software and generate stable returns from the comfort of their homes.

But the fact is that whether you are experienced or not, you can lose your investment very fast if you trust this trading system. the team hasn’t failed to make huge promises, but they have certainly failed to provide concrete evidence on how it is really possible.

The features of the Brit Method do not fulfil the promises made by the creator in any way. Put simply, the software offers poor performance and lacks credibility.

Steps To Taking Part

We don’t advise traders to use this software because we don’t find it to be worthy enough. But for information purpose, we will provide details on how to go about signing up for it.

Sign up – requires filling out the form available on their website.

Join a broker – the software assigns brokers automatically and requires users to add a deposit of $250 or more.

Activate and trade- the auto-pilot features of the software can be initiated with a few clicks only but, traders must however note that the quality of service offered by the software is extremely poor.

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Does The Brit Method Actually Work?

The actual results obtained from using the software is disappointing. They don’t match the results shown to us. The inconsistency in results simply shows that the creator is lying about the performance of the software.

They say that the software works on algorithms, is fast and accurate and reliable in terms of decision making. The returns are significant and depends on how much traders are willing to invest. It is quite smart for the team behind the Brit Method to use convincing words and unrealistic promises to get people to sign up for the software.

But one fact about the Brit Method that cannot be changed is that it doesn’t work as expected. There is no feedback or review available that supports the trustworthiness of the system or the promises they have made.

The Brit Method places random trades instead of using algorithms to scan for opportunities in the market.

Yes, it works but only for its developers and those who market or promote. It doesn’t work for the benefit of its users. It doesn’t work to generate solid returns on the invested funds.

Is The Brit Method Scam or A Legit Solution?

We have gathered some evidence that clearly shows that the Brit Method is a scam system. first of all, we would like to shift your attention to the promotional video in which Jason Taylor can be seen introducing himself.

The person who claims to be Jason Taylor is just an actor. We have seen his face before on other products and offers. He has acted in numerous videos in the past, so it doesn’t make sense that this is the only software he created.

The video and their entire website consists of lies, fake images and fabricated testimonials. Those who have provided testimonials are also actors and if you are lucky enough you will be able to view their profiles on fiverr.

The empty promises don’t make sense because if you scroll all the way to the bottom of their website, you will see a disclaimer which says that financial trading is extremely risky and there is no guarantee for success.

Moreover, there is no explanation provided on their website about how the software actually works. In fact, there is no algorithm or formula that it utilizes for success. the results it generates isn’t positive and there are numerous complaints about it on the internet.

Another shocking revelation that we have made is that the same software has been going around with different names from a long time. All these “method” trading systems that target traders from different countries are actually the same. They have been duplicated and reproduced to avoid suspicion. But, they all work in the same fashion and that is deprive users of their hard-earned funds.

The Bottom Line

The Brit Method is not a trustworthy system. It has scam connections and it doesn’t deliver on its promise.

We have evidence that this software has been recreated by clever affiliate marketers who are only after your investment funds. To avoid getting scammed, the best thing you can do is stay away from the Brit Method. With safer alternatives available, it won’t be hard for you to find a reliable option that will actually help you achieve your trading goals successfully.


warningOur team of experts made a detail research and tested the features of The Brit Method. The results were not satisfactory and based on them we can conclude that there are much better binary options robots to choose from.

We cannot guarantee whether The Brit Method is a scam robot or not, but we found a lot of complaints about the performance and the achieved profits with this robot. That made us doubt the safety of The Brit Method.

In any case, we recommend trading with caution as this carries high level of risk.

In order to avoid scams and to ensure your own security you can Proceed to Safety OR choose another approved automated binary options system.

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