This binary option trading provider is considered as one of the well established companies since the year 2008. The most advantageous part of this broker is that, it offers a customer friendly environment for each and every trader irrespective of the amount of investments made by the clients.

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Being a completely web-based platform for the binary options trading, you won’t need to download any external software on your pc and thus you will be able to access your accounts anytime, anywhere just by plugging into an internet connection.

EZTrader Features

Once you have opened an account in EZTrader, the experts are available at your service to bring you out from any problems regarding the trading. This is quite handy and EZTrader is putting a lot of effort to offer it to their customers.

Providing excellent customer service makes the traders feel really safe and secured that they are investing in a reliable place. The recent improvement that the company has been able to make is to enhance the list of assets.

Presently the company is able to offer 91 assets which are more than double the amount that the company previously had. EZTrader is also able to offer effective returns to their customers. This feature has been able to grab the attention of a lot of customers making this company a pioneer in binary options trading.

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EZTrader Withdrawal Issues

Though the binary options trading company has been able to offer a lot of features to their customers, yet there are a few problems that puts this company in a critical position while considering the EZTrader withdrawal.

It has been reviewed by a lot of traders and many are of the opinion that they should have opted for a more professional broker instead of selecting EZTrader withdrawal. Eztrader lacks the complete package that a binary options trading company is supposed to provide their clients.

There have been a lot of complaints regarding the oversimplification of the trading options provided by EZ Trader. The only option provided by the company is 60 seconds and high/low binary options.

And another major drawback regarding the EZTrader withdrawal is that the expiry time is limited for one day only. That is, the signals will expire within one day. The list of assets, though considerable enough yet it is not satisfactory compared to the other binary option platforms even after the additions.

The number of commodities is less and no forex pairs are available for the traders which puts them in a very awkward position. There is also unavailability of a few options like one touch, range and boundary options for the daily or weekly traders.

EZTrader Withdrawal Complaints

There have been a few complaints regarding the EZTrader withdrawal due to the fact that the process of withdrawal is slower than any other binary options trading platforms. It is true that the company offers quite a number of options like CC and wire, Skrill and eWallets but the major problem remains with the bonus clearance requirements.

While there are numerous bonuses offered by the company at the time of deposition, but if the required clearances are not made after approval of the bonus, you will not be allowed to make any withdrawal. Thus in simple terms, the bonus features are made to keep you aloof from withdrawing your amount.


When you are choosing a Binary Options Broker, better read carefully the Terms and Conditions not only for the withdrawal, but also the bonus policy.

Considered as a reputable and trusted broker in this sphere is CTOption.

Thus, be very careful while opting for the bonus features offered by EZTrader. In other binary trading platforms, the bonus terms are accepted as a part of additional benefits offered from the company. But this platform is using them in a predatory way to prevent the EZTrader withdrawals for a long period of time.

Conclusion: EXTrader Withdrawal Policy is NOT Satisfactory

After making detailed research and trying out the withdrawal policy of EXTrader, our team concluded that EXTrader has a slow and complicated withdrawal process. Our research shows that there are other brokers with a much more satisfactory withdrawal policy. Currently the broker with the fastest withdrawal approvals is BinaryMate – 2 working days on average.