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If you start the research to find a  binary option robot trading software, then it is easy to get confused because now there are so many of them available that a newbie can’t really make the best decision without doing some homework. Don’t worry, we have tested more than 60 robots for scam and from those, we have selected the best ones that we were satisfied to call as the reliable brokers. In our research we found that BinaryOptionRobot is the best auto trading system at the moment. You can read detailed review here. You can perform your own analysis on each one before selecting any to invest real money. Check this list of 100% tested and safe robots below:

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Some of the common features that you will find in the best binary options robots are mentioned below:

  • Trading Type

Usually, most of the trading systems have 60 seconds trading type. That means within just 60 seconds, you have to make prediction about the price of the underlying and choose a Call or Put option.

  • Assets

The binary options trading systems offer underlying assets which you can choose for the purpose of trading. These include forex, currencies, commodities, indices and a lot more.

  • Bonus

All legit trading systems have bonus. Some systems just have welcome bonus while others present the bonus according to the type of account chosen, which varies from one type to another.

  • Trading Signals

Each trading system generates trading signals using technical analysis. With the help of these trading signals, the trader can make predictions about the price of the asset. There is no need to analyze charts or keep up with the market movements of the asset. You can make predictions on the basis of this information.

How do the Auto Trading Systems Work?

The automated systems typically require the use of software which is linked to a broker directly. Some trading platforms allow the users to select a list of technical indicators for building a set of rules for the automatic execution of traders. The robot then uses trading signals generated by the system in order to either use the call or put option and lock the trade. Either you lose or earn profits, it all depends on what predictions you have made. You can either trade manually or simply set the parameters and let the trading bot do the trading on your behalf.

Checking the Regulation

regulationThe best trick to find out if a trading system is legitimate or not, you are supposed to look for its regulation. If the trading is licensed, then you can readily sign up with it.

Such systems have evidence of the trading results available on the basis of which you can make the right decision of sign up. The systems that are not regulated should always be ignored even if they are making lots of claims regarding the profits.

Free vs Premium Versions

Most of the time, the binary options trading software are available for free download. You simply have to download the software and connect your trading account with the broker and deposit an initial amount which is probably $250. There are many software for which premium versions are available as well. That means in order to unlock additional features, you are supposed to make a payment. With these special features, you can make the most out of the opportunity of trading and generating profits.

Careful selection of the binary options trading software is very important. If you don’t make the right decision, then you can end up losing your investment and wasting your time because scams are available widely. Do check the license of the system before making a final decision so that your initial investment is protected.


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