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Broker Canuck Method
Website URL www.CanuckMethod.co
Free Demo Account No
Overall Score 2.2/10

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Update: Canuck Method does not offer scam-free services anymore!

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Designed and developed by Jake Mason, the Canuck Method is an income generating software. It was launched earlier this year and since then it has managed to draw the attention of many users.

The Canuck Method System is believed to be a solid auto trading robot that has the potential to turn your investments into substantial profits. Upon performing an in depth investigation about this robot, we found out that it is actually a profitable system.


This binary options robot has the capacity of provide its users with stable income. In addition, it has numerous features that can help traders optimize their results. Another thing that makes it different from the bogus software systems floating on the internet is that the creator of the Canuck Method is a real person.

Even the photos used to present testimonials are not stock photos. They are photos of real traders who have only genuine things to tell about their experience with the Canuck Wealth System. From all the information that we have gathered and analysed, the Canuck Method can be labelled as a legit system.

How To Use This Robot?

This software is renowned for its ease of use. It has been designed to suit the trading needs of both expert users and complete newcomers. The interface has an amazing design. Even newcomers will find navigation smooth. The best part is that it comes with customizable settings so traders can make their own preferences.

When users sign up for the Canuck Method, they are put into contact with a Personal Account Manager who provides all the help and guidance needed to get started.

Since the robot is based on algorithms, traders are not required to carry out analysis tasks. All the complex trading related tasks are handled by the robot. After traders have customized the settings as per their preferences, they can sit and watch the robot trade on their behalf and generate profits.


Download Not Required

Don’t be worried about the limited storage space in your computer or laptop if you want to give this software a try. It doesn’t use up any space because it is a browser based system. A simple sign up process is required to get access to the software and you can use your credentials to log into your account whenever you want to trade.

Getting Started with CanuckMethod

Regardless of where you are based, you can use the Canuck Method to trade binary options online. The requirements are very simple and unlimited number of spots are available which means you are free to sign up for it any time you want.

To get started with the Canuck Method, traders have to first register for an account and then make a deposit. The broker you trade with will be assigned to you by the software. Since they are legit and reputable, you can be assured about the safety of your funds.

You can start trading on auto mode after you have set your preferences. The software will execute trades on your behalf when it has identified a profit making opportunity.

Cost & Expected Returns

At the moment, anyone can avail the Canuck Method for free. Jake Mason does not make any money from his own creation because he had always wanted to offer something to the trading community which could benefit investors and online traders. To start using the CanuckMethod, the only requirement is that traders must open a trading account with a broker that is assigned to them.

The Canuck Method is a unique system. There are not many which are as profitable as this one. Therefore, the returns it is capable of generating is also very high. The return rate can reach up to 95%.

Canuck Method – Legit or Scam Solution?

During our investigation, we came across several elements that prove that the Canuck Method is not a scam system. We have enough evidence to support the claim that it is a 100% legit solution for generating income online.

First of all, this system doesn’t claim to make you wealthy overnight. If it was a scam, the creators would have made unreasonable claims. We have seen the results of this robot and we are impressed that it works extremely well to improve chances of success.


Testimonials are genuine on the website because the accounts of the traders can be verified. Every person associated with the Canuck Method is real and we have witnessed their online presence.

The signals generated by the robot are accurate. Although not all the time, but the majority of the time it generates signals which leads to profitable trades. From the discovery that we have made and the reviews that have been posted by real traders, the Canuck Method is a legit system.

Special Features

A wide range of stunning features make this robot better from its competitors. Traders gain control over the entire trading process with its customizable settings. Risk levels can also be controlled.

Trading can be performed in two modes. These include semi auto and fully auto modes. Basically, the difference is that in manual mode, traders execute trades by themselves and in auto mode, the robot executes trades automatically by following the preferences of the traders.

The Canuck Method also has an efficient customer support team. They can assist their clients in times of needs via email and phone.


mikael“In all these years of trading online, I never thought I would come across such an amazing piece of software. It is the perfect choice for traders who lack trading skills and experience. Even for expert traders, it is the perfect profit amplifying solution. When I started using it, I knew for sure that it will work well. Today, I make consistent profits with this robot and I am happy that I chose it over all the others that are present on the market.”

Mikael, 37


thumb upOur overall thoughts about the Canuck Method is that it is a profitable system. Traders also have access to a very supportive customer service team as well which shows how serious they are about the needs of their customers. We recommend the Canuck Method because it has been proven that they are trustworthy.

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