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Binary options are one of the most accessible financial instruments available on the market. They have been rapidly growing in popularity over the last several years mostly because they are easy to learn even by beginners and don’t require a large investment to start trading. Great part of the everyday people have been interested in the financial markets for a long time and when binary options trading platforms began emerging, the interested ones are obviously giving each one of them a try.

Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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It turns out that binary options trading is really profitable way for online traders to accumulate some additional income. Therefore, if one is more committed, he could even start trading fulltime and achieve maintaining of comfortable lifestyle. Of course, most of the people first have tried various types of binary options trading systems, including traditional platforms, auto-trading robots and social trading networks. All of them have advantages, but the most important thing, when choosing where to trade, is to consider carefully how much time one can commit to trading and what his personal goals are.

All the people with busy schedule and those who just don’t want to spend all day studying market trends should just open an account with an auto-trading binary options robot like FinTech Ltd. with creator and main developer Daniel Roberts. Below, readers can see the full review of the FinTech where all the important aspects, concerning its trading performance are inspected and evaluated.

What is FinTech Ltd.?

FinTech is an automated binary options trading system, which scans the financial markets for profit-making opportunities, generates signals and afterwards executes trades according to the parameters set by the traders.

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It is a work by a former chief at a very successful technology company that analyzes business data. His purpose was to develop a system that can analyze market data as well by providing accurate trading signals. Binary robots like FinTech not only saves each online trader a lot of time, it makes it possible to be reached a much higher trading volume than it would be possible by manual placing of trades. Starting up with the FinTech robot is very easy and quick.

First of all a new user has to register by providing valid contact details. At this point traders don’t have to pay anything − opening an account is completely free of charge. FinTech requires a deposit when members are getting assigned to one of the professional brokers, the robot works with. Then, the deposited funds are used only for placing trades.

FinTech – A Really Reliable Partner?

fintech safeWith the countless binary options platforms, brokers, robots and social trading networks it is essential for every online trader to choose wisely where he should open an account. By following closely the binary options sector our team is able to review various trading systems in order to help other traders avoid dealing with fraudulent and unreliable income-generating software. As with any industry that becomes very popular within a short time period, the binary options market is flooded with all sorts of trading systems and more keep emerging constantly.

Therefore, before registering, users should conduct some research, read reviews like this one and check what other traders have to say. After testing the FinTech binary robot we can issue a final verdict stating that is not a scam. It is a reliable trading software that provides satisfactory conditions, tools and features. It has customizable settings that offer traders full control over the execution of trades. It also provides trading signals with high accuracy rates and executes binary options deals accurately and without any delay.

Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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How Does FinTech Actually Work?

After the detailed inspection of what the FinTech robot has to offer, our team can conclude that it works properly. The robot’s interface is user-friendly and enables traders to easily spot all the tools and features they need. There are clear indications about the expiration date, payout rates and potential profits, which allows users to calculate the risk and decide how to proceed accordingly. Such transparency is what should be really valued most.

However, the most important and impressing feature of the FinTech Ltd auto-trading system is the algorithm implemented in it. It works by creating multiple trades on binary options which is the difference in value of one company’s share value over the period of one hour. In fact, the algorithm operates on the market really safely. It doesn’t rely on the price of assets only when it is going up. It can go down and users are going to accumulate as much money. In addition, the fact that only in the UK there are more than 2600 companies trading on the stock market, means that really a lot of trades are being conducted on regular basis, thus allowing people to generate great profits.


When one knows exactly what to expect, he can make informed decisions and adapt private strategy to the current market conditions. Furthermore, the FinTech auto-trading robot is a great starting point for less experienced traders. As it places trades according to predefined parameters, it will prevent traders from making mistakes. For example, suffering a series of losses could get everyone frustrated. When people trade under the influence of strong emotions they don’t think rationally. That is why auto-trading is very helpful and users are able to change their preffered settings at any time.

How to Benefit With FinTech Ltd?

Each new user that is willing to become a member of this new online trading solution, should just follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Create Personal Account – each trader should fill in a short form with information about his name and valid email address.
  • Get Assigned to a Broker – new users should choose one of the reliable broker, FinTech works with, and make a one time investment in the amount of $250 in order to start trading.
  • Auto-trade Enabled – with the autopilot mode switched on, the software is going to start placing trade thus accumulating profits for its users.
  • Withdrawal – the end process which only requires a request that should be filled in and placed to the preselected broker.


Review Verdict: FinTech Ltd is NOT a Scam

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Bottom Line

thumb upBased on our professional impressions from the FinTech binary robot we can only conclude that this is a reliable binary options trading software with an easy to navigate interface and a satisfactory range of features.

The customizable settings allow traders to have control over the trading process and the auto-trading mode gives the freedom to reaching a large trading volume without spending a lot of time in front of the computer. That is why, creating account with FinTech Ltd is going to be one of the smartest choices for everyone who decides to make it.

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