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Broker HB Swiss
Website URL www.HBSwiss.com
Support Types Email
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Bonus 87%
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods Credit/Debit Card, Neteller, CashU, Skrill Moneybookers
Number of Assets 120+
Overall Score 9.8/10

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Anyone who has tried trading forex online understand the importance of finding a reliable source that can help them increase their income. One of the good things about trading forex today is that there are many kinds of platforms that offer forex trading services and facilities.

Some of these platforms are highly reliable, but sadly there are also others which are frauds and have been established just to steal money from investors. A large number of online investors have been deceived and they have ended up losing their entire account balance. This is the reason it is crucial for traders to practice caution and choose an online trading platform very carefully. HBSwiss is a recently launched forex trading platform and in this article, we will take a look at what they have to offer.

Review Verdict: HB Swiss is NOT a Scam
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The platform has been established and developed by skilled Swiss investor Hans Berger. He specialized in high-frequency trading and spend long years working at a prominent banking institution. Mr. Berger was aided by his childhood friend Bastian Hermann whose name falls among Europe’s top experts in quantum physics.

By investing through the HBSwiss platform, traders can expect high returns on their investments on a daily basis. Basically, the software is able to predict the movements in the stock and financial markets with high accuracy.

When we conducted an investigation, we were impressed with the interface and the ease of use that this automated robot presents to its users. Even the promotional video is packed with useful information about how the software works and the kind of performance it is capable of delivering.

This review contains all the important details about HBSwiss and its platform. So if you are interested in finding out more, continue reading this review.

How To Use HBSwiss?

It is quite easy to make use of this amazing system to generate massive returns on investments. Hans Berger and his team implemented quantum computing models within this system which allows it to reach high accuracy levels. The working mechanism of the software has further been enhanced with the combination of the banking and trading proficiency of both the developers.

Basically, the software operates on algorithms that are super-fast and accurate. An average winning ratio of 87% is possible, thanks to the sophisticated codes developed by theorists Shor and Grover that have been implemented in this system. For many years, Black-Scholes-Merton model has been used in trading systems, but in HBSwiss, it has been used at an advanced level. The technicalities and complicated nature of the scientific theories can be kept aside because the bottom line is that these theories have made this software really ease to use and highly profitable for both novice and experienced investors.

Download Not Required

The trading interface of the software is entirely web based which eliminates the task of downloading and installing anything. The software can be used upon logging into your account. It is compatible with various operating systems including iOS and Android.

Getting Started With HBSwiss

Investors have to follow 3 basic steps in order to get started with HBSwiss. The first and the foremost step is Signing Up. A simple form must be filled out with basic details such as name and email address to complete the step.

In the next step, the software assigns a good broker that investors can use for trading assets. Depending on the broker that is chosen for you, the minimum deposit requirement can vary but it is usually around €250.

Lastly, traders can activate the software on auto trading mode and sit back and enjoy the profits it generates.

Video Preview

Estimated Returns

Smart traders know that the more they invest, the better their returns will be. This is the reason we encourage traders to make larger deposits because the software is highly capable of turning the deposit into significant profits. On average, traders can earn €5,000 per day and we can confirm this based on the testimonials and reviews we found.

How Much Does It Cost?

Online investors can get access to HBSwiss without paying any fees or costs. But, traders must be quick when trying to sign up because the spots are limited. Every day, only 10 users can sign up and access the software. The only cost that users have to worry about is their investment.

Is HBSwiss Legit or Scam?

Upon conducting a thorough investigation, we can confirm that HBSwiss is a reliable online forex trading service. All the information that we have highlighted in this review is relevant to the software and has been obtained from reliable sources.

The software has no connection with any sort of scam service or brokers. The brokers they choose and assign are trustworthy. Although this piece of software is fairly new to the market, it is one that can be relied upon. Very rarely we get to see these kinds of amazing systems getting launched in the market and we are happy that we got the opportunity to review it.

Review Verdict: HB Swiss is NOT a Scam
Visit HB Swiss Official Website

Customer Service

The support team of HBSwiss can be contacted via phone and email. On the official webpage, there is a web form that can be filled out and submitted to the team in case of any queries or concerns. The supporting team is very professional and this is another factor that makes us believe that HBSwiss is a legitimate service.


“HBSwiss is a new system and at first I was reluctant to give it a try. Then, I decided to check them out in detail and the first impression that I got upon landing on the website was that they are very professional and innovative. I liked what a saw and the information that was presented to me also made sense. Immediately I signed up with a deposit of €250. My account has been witnessing profits right from the next day. Honestly, I never had to make another deposit into my trading account because I use the accumulated profits to execute further trades. so my profits are increasing with each passing day and I am happy to have chosen HBSwiss as my trading partner.”

Alex Bernard, 47, Germany


thumb upWe have shared enough information in this review to confirm that HBSwiss is an amazing and reliable software system. Making use of it can turn your investments into huge profits and this is the reason we think that you should sign up for it as soon as possible.

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