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Millionaires Blueprint is a trading software, as they claim in their website, a highly specialized software. There are many other promises, too, that is why we decided to check, what it is and how legal is its activity.

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Review Verdict: Millionaires Blueprint is NOT a Scam

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Is Millionaires Blueprint A Scam Software?

Millionaires Blueprint is definitely not a scam. Why are we so confident? Just have a look at its website. It is very professionally developed, with plenty of useful information about practical and psychological aspects of trading. Moreover, support service is provided via live chat, mail and phone, and this is definitely what a scammer would not bother doing, Millionaires Blueprint works with legitimate trusted brokers only, with those, who would never collaborate with a doubtful trading software.

Moreover, there is not s single sentence pressurizing to join Millionaires Blueprint, though it is stated very clearly, that the earning cannot be guaranteed, especially if a trader acts unwisely. All these, and many other features make us conclude, that Millionaire Blueprint has nothing to do with a scam, it is a reputable high quality trading software.

Review Verdict: Millionaires Blueprint is NOT a Scam

Visit Millionaires Blueprint Offcial Website

How Much Does Millionaire Blueprint Cost?

Millionaire Blueprint does not cost anything. The only thing you have to do is to fund the trading account for 250 USD. You shall note, that Millionaires Blueprint works with proven brokers only, hence, if you don’t have an account with one of them, you shall open it, in order to be able to use Millionaires Blueprint. How do the software developers support the trading system, if they don’t receive any subscription fee – you may wonder. Well, of course, they receive a small commission from the broker, with which a trader opens an account. Other than that, the system is completely free of charge.

How Does Millionaire Blueprint Work?

Millionaires Blueprint is a completely automated trading system. All you have to do, is to make 3 simple actions, and they all are indicated in the website.

  • 1 – Login to members area
  • 2 – Click two times for each trade
  • 3 – Receive the money, if the trade won.

The most pleasant thing in this process is the fact that all earnings are paid immediately. Then, you can withdraw your earnings, or reinvest the money. Basically, the system does all for you, but you have to decide, whether to trade or not to trade. Millionaires Blueprint informs, that a trader that makes illogical decisions, can lose all his money. The winning rate is 82%, but nobody can guarantee, that you win. Hence, it is better to use some kind of money management strategy, and this information is also provided in the Millionaires Blueprint website.

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How To Get Started?

So, if you decided to try trading with Millionaires Blueprint trading system, first of all, you have to open an account with a recommended broker. Here, you may not worry, as Millionaires Blueprint collaborates only with trusted brokers.

Then, you have to fund your account for minimum 250 USD. Since then, you can use Millionaires Blueprint services. Practically, this is a completely automated software, and all preliminary settings you can make from their website, following simple step-by-step instructions. Anybody is able to do it, even those who are the first time performing such procedure.

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Special Features

Millionaires Blueprint works on all devices, that can be connected to the internet, including mobile and tablet. This is very convenient, especially for those who are keen on trading. A trader doesn’t have to carry laptop everywhere he goes, it is enough to have a mobile connected to the web.

Like this, you can trade in any place, even in a bus. The trading software is completely automated, it means, that it makes decisions for a trader. Hence, even if you have neither knowledge, nor experience or skills in trading, you still can win. Millionaires Blueprint offers excellent customer support services, including support via live chat, mail and phone call.

Moreover, if you are a special customer, and want a special treatment, Millionaire Blueprint took care of it, too. It offers you VIP service, which includes educational tools, signal service, personal trading advisor services. Not each trading system offers such a variety. Fascinated? Then start trading with Millionaires Blueprint, a trading system, which you can trust.



  • thumb up100% web based
  • Several Trading Strategies Available
  • Suitable for Beginners & Advanced Traders
  • Get Alerts When & What to Trade


  • Must Have a PC, Smartphone or Tablet
  • Internet Connection is Required for Access
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