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Broker Option Robot
Website URL www.OptionRobot.com
Support Types Live Chat, Phone, E-mail
Payout 83%
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, Master Card, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express, Wire Transfer, Neteller
Number of Assets 50+
Overall Score 8.2/10

Full Review

Option Robot is an interesting new software that we came across lately. This binary options auto trader was launched in the beginning of 2016 and since then many traders have been awaiting an unbiased and honest review of the software. So is it a scam or a legit solution for generating online income? This is a serious question that we took into consideration during our research.

What we have found is that OptionRobot is one of the most recommended programs for trading binary options. It is suitable for both experienced and new traders because it offers ease of use. It is quite rare to come across an auto trader that performs so strongly. From the time of its inception, it has delivered massive profits for its users.

The software comes with incredible support and it is interesting to see the kind of popularity it has been garnering over the past couple of months. The kind of attention it is attracting is unbelievable and we are really impressed with what OptionRobot has to offer.

How To Use OptionRobot?

After the sign up process is complete, you can deposit funds in your trading account and configure the settings of the software. Many auto traders allow to you configure the simple details, but Option Robot is different.

There are 6 different indicators that can be configured as well. As a trader, you can choose which indicator you want the robot to use when generating signals. You can choose one indicator or more. The more you choose the better the results because the accuracy gets higher by choosing at least 2 different indicators. What it means is that the software will only place trades when both the chosen indicators agree.

With all the settings that can be customized within the software, traders are presented with a lot of choices. Traders can choose what they want to trade and how they want to trade. Configuring the settings allows the robot to start executing trades on behalf of the trader.

No Download Necessary

Using the OptionRobot software is easy and quick. This is because the software doesn’t have to be downloaded. A simple sign up process must be completed to get access to the software which is 100% web based. When it comes to using the software for making trades, traders only have to log into their accounts.

Getting Started With Option Robot

Traders must have a minimum of $250 to get started with OptionRobot. This is because the broker they assign require a minimum deposit of $250. But, this amount is for investment purpose. Basically, the more you invest, the better your profits will be.

To get started, there are 3 simple steps that must be followed.

  1. Free Sign Up
  2. Add a Deposit
  3. Trade & Profit

Regardless of where you live, you can complete the sign up procedure and get access to the software. The sign up process only requires you to enter your basic details such as name and email address. Once your account is verified, you will be able to access the software and create a trading account with a recommended broker.

Expected Returns

OptionRobot has been tried and tested many times. Traders have used this software to generate massive profits on their binary options investments. The expected returns can vary depending on how the software is used and how much traders invest. But on average we have seen the binary options software reaching around 80% success rate which is really impressive.

What is The Cost?

Upon signing up, traders will get access to the software free of cost. Anyone can use this software without paying anything for it. But when it comes to investing on assets, then traders have to deposit money into their trading accounts.

Is OptionRobot Scam or a Legitimate System?

From our investigation, we can say that this is an interesting software. We have labelled it as a legitimate option and there are many reasons for this. One thing that really impressed us was that the creators or the marketers did not send out emails to people to promote the software. Many people regard promotional emails as junks and the worst part is that these kinds of emails usually end up in spam folders.

Review Verdict: OptionRobot is NOT a Scam

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Those who are behind the software have used ethical marketing tactics for its promotion. In addition, the sales video they have created doesn’t make unrealistic claims. It is not packed with fake actors and fake testimonials. It doesn’t guarantee instant wealth or it doesn’t get so low as to use pressure tactics to get traders to sign up for it quickly.

The website of Option Robot contains facts that can be verified. There are instructions available for setting up the software and there are tips as well which can help its users achieve the best possible results.

The 80% accuracy rate is achievable and there is sufficient evidence available to back up the claim. The trading algorithms of the software are advanced and this is what facilitates efficient trading and great results.

Interesting fact:

Aside from the fact that traders can choose between 6 different indicators, there are 3 different trading formats as well. So with this super impressive software, traders can choose between auto and manual trading, 3 different algorithms and 6 indicators.

Customer Service

Traders get access to efficient customer support service when they sign up for OptionRobot. Unlike other auto traders that offer email support only, traders can also chat with the representatives live at Option Robot.

User Testimonial:

“Trading with OptionRobot has been a rewarding experience. Things have become different in a positive way since the time I started using it. I earn good profits on my investments and this helps me take care of family better than I was able to do few months ago.

Option Robot is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I glad that I chose this software as the ultimate trading tool.”

Cassandra, 41


Our team has been reviewing binary options auto trading robots for some years now, but we have never encountered a software that has so much to offer. We have found the success rate of Option Robot to be outstanding and we think that anyone who is looking for a profitable solution should sign up for it at absolutely no cost.

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