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Today, there is a shortage of genuine automated robots on the binary options trading market. This is the reason whenever a genuine system hits the market, the news of it spreads like fire. The Orion Code which has been developed by Edward Robinson was launched recently and since it has attracted a lot of attention within a short time frame, we decided to carry out a detailed investigation and compile a review.

While we were reviewing this software, we discovered that it is very professional and it can offer a pleasant and profitable trading experience. To find out more about our discovery, read this complete review.

How To Use the Orion Code?

The Orion Code has many characteristics that make it easy to use. The system is fully automated which takes the hassle out of trading. Traders can leave all the trading tasks to the robot to perform. Whether it is analyzing the market, identifying profit making opportunities and executing trades, the robot does everything by itself.

Traders have to decide on the asset they want to invest on, the amount they want to invest and the number of trades they want executed per day. They are free to change the settings at any time they want to. Basically, if traders feel that the robot is not performing well or that they are not seeing the expected results, they can change the parameters and monitor the progress.


No Download Required

One thing that is good about the Orion Code is that it is a web based software and doesn’t require any kind of download or installation. It can be used by logging into the account. After the sign up process is complete, traders can choose a username and password which they can use every time they want to access their accounts.

How To Get Started?

The process of signing up is easy. Here’s what traders are required to do to complete the process.

  • Free Sign Up – this steps requires traders to complete a form
  • Deposit & Trade – traders must make a deposit and use the amount that is available in their account to trade on assets. Successful trades will yield profits which will be accumulated in the trading account.
  • Withdraw – whenever traders want, they can fill out a withdrawal request form and get the money transferred.



The independent reports that have been published online after a thorough testing of the software claim that it can reach accuracy of 90%. Our investigation also shows that the rate of returns for this software is pretty amazing. It can range between 70-90%.

How Much Do You Have to Pay?

The Orion Code is a software that traders can use for free. But, traders must have funds in their account to be able to make investments. The software will recommend brokers and traders have to choose one from their list and meet their minimum deposit requirement. After this, the software can be activated and used on auto pilot mode.

Is OrionCode Legit or Scam?

Based on the results of our finding, the Orion Code is a legit solution for making profits online. It is not possible for it to be a scam because it has been tested and proven to work. The reviews that have been submitted by genuine traders show that it is powerful and trustworthy.

Review Verdict: Orion Code is Not a Scam

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The creator is a real person and details about him are easily available online. The testimonials have been done by real traders and their identities can also be verified. So if you had been looking for a genuine solution for earning profits online, you should stop wasting your time and sign up for the Orion Code.

Who is Edward Robinson?

Edward Robinson was a high frequency trader and he has spent many years in this field. When he came up with the idea of developing this software, he brought together a number of software developers and programmers who helped him realize his imagination.

The Orion Code was developed after a lot of hard work from the team. Later on, Robinson also founded a company which he named Orion Code Inc. The company was established so he could offer full time support to his customers.

Interesting Fact:

The name of this software comes from the revolutionary technology called the Orion Speed Quantum Technology. This implies that the software performs trading actions and analysis at orion speed which is very fast.

Customer Service

As we have mentioned in this review, the creator has established a company so his customers can get full time access to support service. Support is available via email 24/7. The team at OrionCode is professional, reliable and responsive. Whenever traders have any questions or concerns, they can approach the team and expect timely response. The aim of the creator is to ensure that traders don’t face difficulties when using this binary options app and even if they do come across problems, their issues are resolved promptly.


brandon“I am really impressed with the way the Orion Code works. The robot has made trading very easy and effortless for me. Now I don’t have to spend hours in front of the computer analyzing the markets. I don’t have to study complicated charts and graphs. The robot takes care of everything while I get time to relax and handle other important tasks.”

Brandon, 41

Final Thoughts

thumb upFrom our investigation, we can safely conclude that the Orion Code is legit and it has the potential to deliver on its promise. Generating profits from online investments had never been so simple. The Orion Code has taken the worry out of trading because it is equipped with features that can minimize losses and contribute towards substantial gains. Frankly speaking, there are not many automated trading apps that has the potential to deliver on its promise.

But the Orion Code is different. It has shown excellent performance and consistent results and this is the reason we are recommending it.

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